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AIMM Web-Based Application

Proposal presented by: Jaspin Interactive

Scope of Services

Convert the current spreadsheet application into a custom web-based application. Planned development is on node.js.

Login Based Access

Self Service account creation/registration with the ability to create/share/collaborate on one or more self-assessments and the ability (via invite) to collaboration (or allow review/view) of the self-assessment(s).

Web-based Access (no-offline use)

By allowing this only as a web-based application, there are no software or license keys required and the IAQG IP (intellectual property) is never distributed. While the questions could be copied (or printed) the IP for turning the responses into readiness will be hidden and could only be inferred from the results.

Web-based Access (no distribution)

Upgrade or modify of the application without re-distribution insures that the current version of AIMM will always be available.

Module Builder

A web-based tool for creating modules, questions and using the values will allow the bulk of the modules to be built and managed by IAQG AIMM power-users, reducing long-term cost of maintenance.

Usage Data

Web-based tool allows the IAQG the option of accessing or collected data and usage info. Initially, we plan to record logins, changes and basic completion percentage and time-stamp of self-assessment saves, with basic summary of usage. Additional data could be collected.

Additional Requirements

Unlike a spread-sheet, a web-based application will require hosting resources and some changes/updates could require programmer involvement.

Additional Considerations

Right now we have this planned a free account creation/registration process. If this you decided you want to restrict who can access it or if you want payment processing to charge for use, please let us know as this will have additional time/costs associated with it.

General Timeline and Milestones

Estimated Timeline:

4-7 months

Detailed Requirements
2-4 weeks
Platform Setup and Configuration
2-4 weeks
Initial Module Buildout
2-4 weeks
Initial Module Review
1-2 weeks
Initial Module Buildout Revisions & Review
2-4 weeks
Initial Module Training for Client
2-4 weeks
(Client) End User Module Building
4-8 weeks
Self-Assessment Result/Report
2-3 weeks
Usage Data and Reporting Development
2-3 weeks

Project Costs *

Cost for the above functionality is estimated based on the expected time involved and should be accurate to +/- 10% unless there is a change in scope.

AIMM Web-Based Appliaction

Total: $35000

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