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DTC Website Redesign (domotactical.com)

Proposal presented by: Jaspin Interactive

DTC Website Redesign - Phase I

DTC is seeking a partner to develop a website that improves communications for the global organization. Providing a mobile and desktop friendly structure of their various solutions and products (by audience). Longer-term the goal will be to improve various workflow around lead-generation, RMAs, and granting access to restricted content. The new site should serve as both a marketing tool and a resource for clients, potential clients and staff. Based on the discussions had a the last meeting, we are suggesting a Phase approach. If Phase I will will focus on updating the look and feel of the site, and a quick restructuring and organizing of the content. With the "functionality" improvements in integrations and workflows coming in later phases.

WebSite Look & Feel

Site developed in responsive design allowing for ease of access via smartphone, tablet or desktop computers. Selecting appropriate new imagery and implementing the existing content into a jointly selected design. That will be based on the likes and dislikes of various site presented in our last meeting (i.e. www.trellisware.com among others).

Content Restructuring

Group content and navigation into logical top level "views" so that visitors can find solutions information based on industry or product. In addition, organized access to information such as support, news, events and corporate profile will be found quickly. For Product information, we plan to enter products and related information into an ecommerce platform database. It will be in a "catalog" mode with no cart or checkout process. This allows for this to be an option at a future date.

Forms & Data Collection

Numerous forms will need to be rebuilt and standardized at a minimum it appears that the general contact, leaded generation, secure access requests, demo requests and RMA requests will be included, optimized, and implemented as appropriate call to actions on the site. Website statistics (you appear to currently use GTM - Google Tag Manager), social media reach, and keyword rankings - data provides insights into what is working (and what is not) as well as insight into what users are interested in. All of this and more will be setup and as part of our managed service will available for review.

New Secure High Speed Hosting

When the new site goes live, if will launch on our wordpress optimized hosting environment. Our fully managed wordpress service highlights include: • Site Secure with TLS/SSL Certificate • Edge-Based Security, DNS, Performance and Reliability via CloudFlare • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee • Unlimited Page Loads • Ongoing Google Compatibility and Updates • Access to our paid plugin library and SEO Dashboard included • Domain Name registration fees included * requires domain/dns/hosting changes - currently a combination of GoDaddy & Digital Ocean

Future Phases - Functionality Add-ons

Future phases will be done in an order to be determined by DTC. The future phases are listed in no particular order, and are included to show we understand your long-term goals. With the phased approach will add the desired additional functionality to the site after a new secure, mobile friendly responsive website has been re-launched in as short a time as possible. Some of these potential Phases could be combined or broken down even further.

Phase II - WorkFlow for Lead Generation and RMA

Site will be integrated with Salesforce (or other Marketing Automation) for transference of leads from website. Similarly we will work to create or integrate IT Automated RMA requests with requested system (likely to Salesforce as well).

Phase III - Secure Sites & Resources

We understand the need for a secure Covert Site available only to pre-screened authorized individuals. In addition, we suspect that the Watchdox site should be available to authorized users. In both cases, the ideal solution would employee a single-sign-on (SSO) solutions where users can be granted access to restricted resources. There are a variety of way to manage this, for example if Salesforce integration is in place, it is possible to use Salesforce as a SSO provide and grant permissions through the same platform that would be used to qualify leads and to email them updates.

Phase IV - Events

Webinars in MS Teams (or another forum), in-person events, trade shows (once the world move back to a more traditional business mode) the website will need and events and registration area. Again, there are a variety of ways to manage this, and again if Salesforce integration is in place the logical place to track registrants is a qualify leads and track the events they have participated in.

Phase V - Social Media Integration

We have two approaches we use depending on the social media plan and platforms you currently implement. Push or Pull. Push is used to enter items into the website News/Updates/Events areas of the website and 'push' this content (or a short teaser with a link) out to various social media platforms (i.e LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc). Pull is where if say Facebook or Instagram is you primary social media presence, we will 'pull' those posts into the News/Updates/Events area of the website in an code-based automated fashion (where allowed). This ensures that Google (for search engine ranking purposes) sees you site being updated regularly.

The Phase I - General Timeline

While the range is below is a bit broad, this is due to the fact they we have no way to predict the number of people involved at the clients end in the decision and approval process or the number of tweaks and revisions that will be required at any given step.

Estimated Timeline:

4-10 Weeks

Design Selection
1-2 Weeks
Image Selection & Approval
1-2 Weeks
Content Publishing
2-4 weeks
Approval & Go Live
0-2 weeks

Phase 1 Estimated Project Costs

Estimated pricing is still based on time, but we are confident after over 20 years of building sites that we are with +/- 10% assuming there is no change in scope.

Phase I

Total: $9000

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