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Digital Lighting Engineering & Design is seeking a partner to develop a website that will properly represent it's Vertical Automated Agriculture (VERTAAG™) system. Providing a mobile and desktop friendly structure of their target audience.

WebSite Look & Feel

Site will developed in responsive design allowing for ease of access via smartphone, tablet or desktop computers. Selecting appropriate new stock imagery and videos, we will implementing the existing and any newly provided content into a jointly selected design set on page layouts (theme). Based on the discussions to date on the likes and dislikes of various sites and themes reviewed, we are operating under the assumption that these page layouts for this theme meet all the requirements:

Content Structure

This estimate is based on the following request content structure: Home Intelligent Grow lights - Vertaag The VertaagOS Smart Crop Solutions - Managed Services - Crop Control Center Growth & Innovation - Case Studies - In the News(PR) - In the Loop(Blog) Our Mission - Become Part of the Change (Investor Relations) Contact Us -Request a 1-on-1 Remote Consultation -Schedule a Demo

Forms & Data Collection

Numerous forms will need to be rebuilt and standardized at a minimum it appears that the general contact, 1-on-1 Remote Consultation, demo request, general agriculture and cannabis leaded generation forms will likely be implemented with appropriate call to actions on the site. Website statistics (you do not appear to currently use Google Analytics or a similar solution), social media reach, and keyword rankings - data provides insights into what is working (and what is not) as well as insight into what users are interested in. All of this and more will be setup and as part of our managed service will available for review. Whether or not you end up using Jaspin, we recommend immediately implementing Google Analytics (or a similar solution) both for site usage insight during development as well as before and after comparison data for the new site.

New Secure High Speed Hosting

When the new site goes live, if will launch on our WordPress optimized hosting environment. Our fully managed WordPress service highlights include: • Site Secure with TLS/SSL Certificate • Edge-Based Security, DNS, Performance and Reliability via CloudFlare • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee • Unlimited Page Loads • Ongoing Google Compatibility and Updates • Access to our paid plugin library and SEO Dashboard included • Domain Name registration fees included • A variety of other important features. Some of the above requires domain/dns/hosting changes - currently a combination of Microsoft DNS & InMotion Hosting

Other Recommend Solutions

Online success is about more than just a Website, here are a few other services clients often have us perform for them.

CRM & Marketing Automation

CRM & Marketing automation can be very complicated. It can also get really expensive. Understanding what you need, and piecing together all the various services or features requires a lot of know how. Think of Jaspin's CRM & Marketing automation add-on as a "light" version of all of these services combined: Calendly, Monday, Docusign, MailChimp, ClickFunnels, ActiveCampaign, Drip, Infusionsoft, Hubspot and numerous other similar tools. For more information to go: ( )

Other Marketing Services

We also provide various other services you might be interest in after the new site is launched, these include: • Advertising & Social Media Management - ( ) • Search Engine Marketing or SEO - ( ) • Video Content - ( ) • Content Writing Services are also available.

General Timeline

While the range is below is a bit broad, this is due to the fact they we have no way to predict the number of people involved at the client's end (in the decision and approval process), how long content finalization will take, or the number of tweaks and revisions that will be required at any given step.

Estimated Timeline:

3-10 Weeks

Design & Requirements Finalization
1-2 Weeks
Image Selection & Approval
1-2 Weeks
Content Publishing
2-4 weeks
Approval & Go Live
0-2 weeks

Estimated Project Costs

*Managed WordPress service is a part of this proposal and requires a initial commitment term (with or without SEO): and starts at $99/month ** Out of pocket costs for themes, photos and videos could range anywhere from $100-$800 depending on your selections. I have given you an idea of some videos (see the links below). They range from free to $100+/video (photography is less expensive than video). You can see the difference in quality for yourself, examples have been sent separately.

Website Development
Managed WordPress Services (monthly - see above) *
Out of pocket costs for themes, photos and videos (see above) **

Total: $1499

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If you would like to join us and become a client then we’d be delighted to have you.

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