We were getting a lot of requests for social media and video content. Our clients had two basic options.

  • DIY Video
  • Hire a videographer to produce a quality video. 

The problem with DIY is that it is time consuming. It also requires a fair amount of some combination of time, software, services and skill to look halfway decent.

The problem with hiring a videographer is that it is still time consuming. It also gets expensive pretty quickly. In a videographer defense, developing a script, sending a crew to your office to take footage, editing and revising, etc is and people and time intensive process.

Do what we have done for websites! Figure out, what people really need (on average), find a cost effective way to deliver it a branded customized solution, and then spread the costs out over a year?

It provides useful content for the websites, and social media, commercials, and/or presentations.

It looks professional and has a variety of uses. An ENTIRE year of service for the cost of one professional videographer developed video.

Why so much less?

We use stock videos and footage and customize them rather than sending out a videographer and team.

We have a standard package of items that allows us to skip a lot of the what do you want, our goals is to let you jazz things up, and get a variety of assets you can use and reuse.

  • Video Services

Simple Branded Videos

Branded Stock* Animations and Video Sequences

  • Your Logo
  • Your Colors
  • Your Text
  • Your Message

* Stock is used for avoid filming and other “expensive parts of the process”, more videos, more value, lower costs.

Initial Identity Kit

Provided in first 30 days.
$900 Setup Fee
  • Logo Animation
  • Video Intro
  • Video Outro
  • Email Header/Footer Animated GIf
  • Transition Sequence
  • Banner Overlay Animation
  • General Background Video

Monthly Video

12 month agreement
  • Short monthly call to plan next month's video.
  • Some OR all of the following:
  • Social Media Video Clips
  • Product or Service Promo Video
  • Bio OR Company Profile Video
  • Seasonal Greeting
  • Kinetic Text Video
  • Photo Sequence
  • Explainer Video

A few Notes, and then some examples.

  • Sounds could be removed or changed and voice-overs could be done as well.
  • These are just a few examples, other options include explainer videos and other online content. We even have add-on options for on-site filming, interviews, etc.